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Chongqing Hiking Trails


From ancient winding steps to stunning city panoramas, Chongqing’s distinctive hills and valleys offer hikers everchanging vistas. The Chongqing trail network aims to create a unique urban hiking experience that allows you to explore the city’s most iconic scenery. The network already features 17 urban trails covering 350km, and is still growing. Beibei District, Beitang Gorge River Trail The tr [...]

Chongqing’s top winter watering holes

As the evenings draw in, CQ Currents explores the perfect places to keep warm this winter and get out in Chongqing. Hops Brewery One of Chongqing’s leading craft beer bars, it has two locations, the original store in Nanping and a second in Yuzhong’s Zengjiayan. The original store is geared more to the dedicated craft beer lover whilst the second is slightly larger and more stylish, with the a [...]


ENTER INTO CQ’S HISTORY DISCOVER THE FOUR REMAINING ANCIENT CITY GATES Before the changes and expansion of the Twentieth Century, Chongqing city was bound into the area now known generally as Jiefangbei by centuries’old city walls. Of the 17 bustling city gates that were once key arteries, four still remain and give a fascinating insight into Chongqing’s story. 东水门 Dongshuimen (East Water [...]

Application Guide of Permanent Residence for Investment


I. Application Conditions 1. Requirements for actual investment delivered: (1) Investment of more than $500,000 in Chongqing. (2) The total investment of more than $2 million in China. 2. Time limit for stable investment: 3 years. 3. Tax requirements: keep a good tax-paying record. The foreign spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18 of the investors who meet the prescribed conditions [...]



Source: Commerce Commission of Qijiang District Commerce Commission The Chongqing satellite city of Qijiang, is a key logistics and transport hub and a major factor in the region’s development. Its 2747 sq km are traversed by the new western land and sea corridor, home to 31 towns, and a resident population of 1.01 million. It is a city with a long history and culture. It has been a prefecture [...]

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