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CQ’s Traditional Music The Intangible Cultural Heritage Map

Chongqing is home to centuries of folk music 1. Chuanjiang Haozi ('labour songs') Chuanjiang Haozi were originally sung by the boatmen who heaved boats by ropes through the steep rapids of the Yangtze river and its tributaries, the Jialing, Wujiang, and Daning. The songs originally developed as a means of the men keeping stride with each other. The songs’ rich lyrics feature places along the r [...]

12 Favorable Immigration Policies and Measures for Foreigners in Chongqing

1.International people and professionals who have made significant contributions to China or are urgently needed, on the recommendation of relevant Ministries of the State Council, People’s Government at municipal level or administration of national key development zones in Chongqing, may apply for permanent residence in China. Spouses and children under the age of 18 can apply at the same time [...]

Jinyun Mountain a natural oasis in the heart of the city

Thrown up by movements in the continents 70 million years ago, these ancient mountains are often surrounded by a red and white mist and clouds, giving rise to its local name: the white and red creates happiness. Jinyun Mountain Nature Reserve was created in 1979 and since 2001 has been a national reserve. It is now a key base for protecting natural ecosystems in the subtropical forest which is [...]


Practice your English or Chinese with Currents’ lan-guage guide for real situations 词汇表: arrivals card入境卡rù jìng kǎ work address工作地址gōng zuò dì zhǐ company’s name公司名字gōng sī mǐng zi. seat belts安全带 ān quán dài head office总部zǒng bù luggage行李xíng li English: Stewardess: Excuse me sir, this is the arrivals card, please take one. Chinese: 空姐: 您好,先生!这是入境卡, 请拿好。 Pīnyīn: kōng jǐe: nín há [...]

The Hapless Laowai's Guide to Chongqing Dialect

Would I like anything to drink? Well, as it’s all inclusive just sling a couple of bottles of gin in an ice bucket to get me started and I’ll decide on the wines later. 重庆话CQ hua: Wo xiang hedian sazi? yinwei lei dou baokuo zainei, zhiyao ba jiping dusongzi jiu daojin bingtong, wo dou koyi kaishi ho lao, ranhou wo zai jueding yao ho sazi jiu. Excuse me, if your child is going to be running rou [...]

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