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Busy water transport at Naxigou on the Yangtze River

On the evening of June 10, ships at anchor were waiting for loading and unloading containers and bulk cargos at Naxigou Port, which added bright colors to Naxigou Port under the setting sun. Since the resumption of work and production of water transport in Chongqing, it has become a temporary anchorage for ships entering and leaving Jiangbei Cuntan Port and Nan’an Naxigou Port. Dozens of ships e [...]

Mecy Apartment your warm harbor leads elite living style in Chongqing.


Mecy Apartment of Chongqing Palm Springs is opening on October 2018.The apartment is located in Palm Spring Community of Yubei District , It can reach Jiangbei Airport, Guanyin Bridge Business District and Jiangbeizui Business Center within 30 minutes..As one of the most advanced communities in Chongqing, it will bring the most complete living experience for the elite and the rich.During the ope [...]

Come to these places to enjoy snow in Chongqing's winter!

Many Chongqing people admire the white snow sceneries of northern China. Actually, there are many fairytale ice and snow worlds in Chongqing's winter. Now, let's find them together. Wuxi Hongchiba Scenic Area 巫溪红池坝风景区 Hongchiba Forest Park, the national AAAA level scenic spots, is also the hometown of Chunshenjun -- a high-ranking official during the Chu period (1115 -- 223 B.C.). In winter, th [...]

The first face-recognizing store in Chongqing opens

At “Suning E-commerce Biu,” unmanned store at Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, a camera at the entrance scanned the face of a costumer, showed part of her name on the screen after successful recognition, and then let her in. CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Along with the emerging “new retail” concept, it was a purchasing party online and offline on November 11. Recently, the first unmanned store of Suni [...]

Experience low altitude tour by helicopter in Liangjiang New Area

We have learned from the news released by Liangjiang New Area that Jihua Park, in the Longxing industrial development zone of Liangjiang New Area, has launched a helicopter low altitude tour project. At present, more than 40 tourists have experienced the program. The helicopter air tour project was developed in cooperation with the Chongqing Jihua Park and Chongqing General Aviation Industry Gro [...]

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