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Full free WIFI coverage in urban public areas to be enacted by the end of the year

On May 25th, the free WIFI coverage ceremony for a certain amount of public areas in Chongqing's main urban districts was launched in Nan'an District. It is expected that all the public areas in nine main urban areas will realize full free WIFI coverage by the end of the year. At present, a part of the public areas in eight main urban districts including Yuzhong District, Nan'an District, Jiangbe [...]

Robot in hotpot restaurant


CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Recently, a hotpot restaurant in Chongqing's Yongchuan District spent tens of thousands of yuan buying a robot to act as a dish deliverer. The robot named "Princess Ziyan" with a height of 1.2m is white alternating with yellow. When she comes to the front of a customer's table with the dishes, she would take a 90° turn to face the table and say to the customer, "The dishes [...]

2nd China Medical Team sets out for Nepal from Chongqing

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- On April 25th, a M8.1 earthquake took place in Nepal. On May 7th, the 2nd China Medical Team set out from Chongqing for Nepal to carry out the health care rescue work for the earthquake. The medical rescue team to Nepal has a total number of 56 people, all of whom have intermediate, associate professorship or advanced professional titles. According to the official in charge [...]

Local Services

Local Domestic Service Resources 1 重庆奉城家政公司 Chongqing fengcheng housekeeping Add: 重庆杨家坪正街24号,杨重百14-1 No.24 Yangjiaping zhengjie, Chongqing Departmentstore Yangjiaping Shop Phone:023—68859242 (Chinese only) Fax:023—68852745 Website: 2. 重庆一家人家政服务公司 Chongqing Rijiaren Housekeeping Co. Ltd. Phone: 023-63867203 (Chinese only) Fax: 023-62015778 Website: http:// [...]

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