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Delicious dishes apart from fast food near the airport

For Chongqing people, the place called Lianglu is rarely visited unless going to take a plane. Even some people cannot distinguish the two places, Lianglu and Lianglukou. As Chongqing develops better, there are more flights and more people from other places to transfer flights in Chongqing. Today, let’s have a look at delicious food near the airport. Jianhuo Chuanchuan You’d better go earlier bec [...]

Over-hyped stores in Chongqing

Lazy Fish Time 懒鱼时光馆 CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Lazy Fish Time is a “web star”. Both the Ciqikou and Eling Branches look like cabins isolated from the noisy world. The whole store is enclosed by clear glass on four sides and mainly decorated in burlywood and white, making the store more natural and brisk. Every photo you take there is perfect. Address: (Eling Branch) Building 33, Cultural and Creat [...]

Blue Frog Bar & Grill Embraces the Season’s Freshness in Spring

SHANGHAI (March, 7 2017) – In the springtime, the weather can switch from cold and rainy to warm and sunny and back again in a matter of minutes, but here at blue frog, our new seasonal menu can guarantee you a spring in your step. Our spring treatments focus on deep purification and extra nutrition boost for your body with the help of fresh herbs, Salmon, Wagyu beef, arugula, spinach and white [...]



What does it look like? Address:Room 19-12,Building C,Hongding International,Guanyinqiao,Jiangbei District Tel:139 8373 1167 [...]

Eleven years


What does it look like ? What can they offer? Address:Room 12-12,Building A,Hongding International,Guanyinqiao,Jiangbei District Tel:023-67771732 186 2339 7258 [...]

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