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JIUCLUB High-end art club launches

Nine has a big significance in Chinese art and literature. There are nine palaces in the book of Luoshu, nine is also prominent in the ancient Book of Changes, and the ancients divide China into nine states. Nine stands for constancy and love. Because of the "Jiu” has such a profound ideological and cultural connotation and very enlightening philosophy so many people through the ages Jiu” and ot [...]

Delicious dishes apart from fast food near the airport

For Chongqing people, the place called Lianglu is rarely visited unless going to take a plane. Even some people cannot distinguish the two places, Lianglu and Lianglukou. As Chongqing develops better, there are more flights and more people from other places to transfer flights in Chongqing. Today, let’s have a look at delicious food near the airport. Jianhuo Chuanchuan You’d better go earlier bec [...]

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