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New financing solutions for “specialized and new" enterprises with pilot cross-border financing

Chongqing has been pursuing a number of early and pilot policies from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and especially to explore solutions for financing collateral shortage for small and medium high-tech enterprises and "specialized and new" enterprises to help enterprises accelerate innovation and development. In 2021, Chongqing launched the first batch of pilot projects for cross [...]

Chongqing’s international links increase

Chongqing’s international links increase On July 12, the Consulate General of Myanmar in Chongqing officially opened. The Consulate General of Myanmar in Chongqing is the 13th foreign consulate general approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On June 23, the 10,000th China-European heavy container train departed Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park. Chongqing is now the largest rail [...]

New Western Land and Sea Corridor and China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe ) add new channels

China-Myanmar International Express open On May 23, the international train of China-Myanmar New Corridor (Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar) departed from Yuzui Station of Guoyuan Port, marking the official opening of China-Myanmar New Corridor (Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar). The train carries 60 TEUs, including machinery and equipment, electronic parts, auto and motorcycle parts and other goods, and dep [...]

How companies in CQ can access new tax benefits

Six taxes and two fees reduction policies: “50% reduction”, "Expanded scope" and 'Benefits superimposition' “Six taxes and two fees”, namely, resource tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, property tax, urban land use tax, stamp duty (excluding stamp duty on securities transactions), arable land occupation tax and education fee surcharge, local education surcharge. “50% reduction”: From J [...]

Chongqing Trail Guide (I)

From ancient winding steps to stunning city panoramas, Chongqing’s distinctive hills and valleys offer hikers everchanging vistas. The Chongqing trail network aims to create a unique urban hiking experience that allows you to explore the city’s most iconic scenery. The network already features 17 urban trails covering 350km, and is still growing. Ancient City Wall Trail (Daijiaxiang Section, Yuz [...]

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