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These old folk tea houses in Chongqing are worth visiting

The weather in Chongqing during this fall seems particularly mild. The beginning of September has brought a sense of autumn. During this nice weather, if we can spend a day in an old tea house with low cost, full of Chongqing flavor, even just sit quietly, watch shows or gossip with others, it will be relaxing. Jiaotong Teahouse 交通茶馆: listed on the National Geographic Chinese Located in Huangj [...]

Fu Long Wine Cellar

A luxury red wine club located in a high profile living area of Chongqing. Tel: 023-67396600 Address: 1F, Club 1, Jing Li Clubs, Shui Jing Li Cheng, Long Hu, Yubei District (龙湖水晶郦城晶郦馆1馆1层) [...]

The Traveller Coffee

The Traveller Coffee is the best place where you can have the fantastic desserts(Macarons,cheese cakes,fondant cakes) ,fresh coffee,classic wine and western&chinese food and so on,meanwhile you also will see our well-organized activties and folk live music on the weekend. Tel: 02363033925 Address: 较场口中兴路7号,穆斯林大厦旁瓦舍国际青年旅舍内。No 7.Zhongxing Road,JiaoChangKou(In Greenforest Hostel) The Travel [...]

Bai Lu Yuan Tea Art House

Bai Lu Yuan Tea Art House offers guests a Tea Art performance, ancient Chinese zither playing, and chess while they relax and sip tea. Tel: 023-62958417 Address: Building 9, Chongqing Ying Xiang, No.66, Nanping Xi Road, Nan An District (重庆市南岸区南坪西路66号重庆映像9号楼) Bai Lu Yuan Tea Art House is themed around the Egret (Bai Lu, a beautiful and propitious bird) and traditional Chinese culture, offerin [...]

Bridge Book Cafe

Tel: 023-67039316 Fax: 023-67039316 Email: Url: Address: 龙湖水晶郦城晶郦馆1-1-5 Crystal Place, Crystal Town,Jiangbei (below Ferrari & Maserati 3S store) Bridge Salon is a place for all of the members and guests of Bridge Book Cafe to come together in a warm and welcoming environment to freely exchange ideas and thoughts.Therefore, we are a [...]

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