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Lliberate Your Coffee

Around CQ you'll find a growing number of independent coffee shops. Local coffee lovers association "You and Coffie' has put together their recommendations for some of the best artisanal venues. Coffeeholic 荷麗可 Stylish cofite shop at the new creative hub Testbed2 near E'ling Park. Exquisite coffee based drinks featuring coffiee beans from bean roasters in Chengdu and Australia. Addresses Testb [...]

A taste of history

Experience early-twentieth century Chongqing flavours of Chongqing Yangji Flavour Kongfu Restaurants重庆杨记味功夫餐饮 This leading Chongqing brand creates dishes based on regional cuisine popular during the Republic of China era. With restaurants across Chongqing and China, it claims to have now served over two million diners. Some of their most popular dishes include the Yangji Signature Fish, a w [...]


Daxuecheng – Indian Curry Trail By Taha Husain Pictures by Andrei Stevensson Daxuecheng, Chongqing’s university town, found towards the end of Line, contains a curiously more multicultural make up than the Chongqing city proper. Due to the university, the leafy suburb manages to pull a large amount of foreign students, particularly from neighbouring South Asian nations, who are settled [...]

Fantasy food of 9st Street you can’t miss

The 9st street is a place full of food attractions. Located in the fashionable Guanyinqiao business district, the 9st Street is a place which will make people's hormones tumble when its name is heard. On one street, SPACE, PLAY HOUSE, Tripei... there are so many clubs. But in fact, at the 9st Street, in addition to alcohol, there are a variety of food and 100 ways to make appetizers, each of whi [...]

Popular chuanchuan restaurants in main districts

It’s known to all that Chongqing people love to eat hot pot, but eating it too frequently may “threaten” our wallet. Then the economical and affordable food Chuanchuan (foods penetrated by sticks) becomes the best choice at the end of the month. The following chuanchuan restaurants are pretty popular in Chongqing. Li’s Chuanchuanxiang As the originator of Chongqing Chuanchuan, it hides in reside [...]

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