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Fantasy food of 9st Street you can’t miss

The 9st street is a place full of food attractions. Located in the fashionable Guanyinqiao business district, the 9st Street is a place which will make people's hormones tumble when its name is heard. On one street, SPACE, PLAY HOUSE, Tripei... there are so many clubs. But in fact, at the 9st Street, in addition to alcohol, there are a variety of food and 100 ways to make appetizers, each of whi [...]

Popular chuanchuan restaurants in main districts

It’s known to all that Chongqing people love to eat hot pot, but eating it too frequently may “threaten” our wallet. Then the economical and affordable food Chuanchuan (foods penetrated by sticks) becomes the best choice at the end of the month. The following chuanchuan restaurants are pretty popular in Chongqing. Li’s Chuanchuanxiang As the originator of Chongqing Chuanchuan, it hides in reside [...]

Shenjiaren Beef Noodles in Dadukou is recommeded for you!

Many people know that there are many kinds of delicious food in Dadukou, an old district of Chongqing. It would be a pity if you came to Dadukou looking for delicious food but didn’t taste the beef noodles. Follow me to look at the shop -- Shenjiaren Beef Noodles (沈家仁牛肉面) in Dayan 3rd Village. Shenjiaren Beef Noodles, a famous shop in Dadukou, is located at Building 6, Dayan 3rd Village, Dadukou [...]

Food and amusement along Line 2

You may feel troubled for parking when going out, and suffer from traffic jams when taking a bus on weekend. Now, I will show you a problem-free route. Jiaochangkou You may take 3 minutes from Jiaochangkou to the walking street to CBEST, Maison Mode, Baxianlou, Bayi Road, and then to take a photo at Jiefangbei. Zengjiayan It is a good choice for children to get off at Zengjiayan and then go to C [...]

Self-guided travel tips in Chongqing

Everyone should make a plan before going on a trip. Many diverse travel plans are online but local people did not make most of them. A plan by a local person of the city where you intend to go is necessary for you to deeply understand that city. Now we’d like to show you around Chongqing as a tour guide. Preparations: An umbrella, a pair of sensible shoes, tablets for indigestion, a good appet [...]

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