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Wow, This Is Chongqing

Wow, This Is Chongqing Before I actually came to Chongqing, I have no idea about Chongqing. All my friends thought Chongqing wasn't so developed. But when I came here, wow, this is Chongqing, all the high-rise buildings, the infrastructures. Everything there is like not something that I actually could imagine to be. I find that the people here are very nice and friendly. The merchants are very h [...]

A Local-Style Afternoon Tea

A Local-Style Afternoon Tea Most Chongqing people prefer to have their tea parties at a tea house with some good friends, rather than enjoy an exquisite English-style one. Tea houses in this city are simple and accessible for almost all socioeconomic groups. An old-fashioned kitchen range, an awning, some wood tables, and benches—once you have these, you can build a tea house. And this exactly [...]

Chongqing ranks 5th in China's Urban Business Environment Report 2019

On June 18, the China Central Radio and Television Station released the 2019 Report on the Business Environment of Chinese Cities. In the comprehensive ranking of 36 cities' business environment, Chongqing is ranked fifth in the country, following Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The Report is benchmarked against the World Bank's business environment evaluation system standards and r [...]

Yangtze River Cableway resumes operation after annual overhaul

According to Chongqing Passenger Cableway Co., Ltd, Yangtze River Cableway has completed its annual overhaul and has resumed operation on April 17, with the daily operation time adjusted to 7:30-22:00. According to the relevant person of Chongqing Passenger Cableway Co., Ltd., medical workers nationwide can apply for free Yangtze River round-trip tickets at the “重庆索道公司” (Chongqing Cableway Comp [...]

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