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Zhonghua Village in Qijiang

On June 10, the Koi Breeding Base in Zhonghua Village, Yongcheng Town, Qijiang seemed like pieces of glasses inlaid in the earth, fascinating. Zhonghua Village is a demonstrative village of new rural construction at the municipal level, and has been selected into the list of “100 characteristic villages” in China. (Source:CQNEWS) [...]

Yunyangdong Interchange is about to be in service by the end of 2020

At the construction site of Chongqing Yunyangdong Interchange project, the reporter saw the entire project has begun to take shape. The construction personnel were busy in the construction of the bridge superstructure and related ancillary works. It is expected that the construction of the bridge superstructure will be completed in early September. The entire project is expected to be fully comp [...]

Alley shuttle buses to be operated in Chongqing

A new bus will be added to Chongqing’s special three-dimensional bus system. In March, the 2020 Municipal Traffic Working Conference said that Chongqing would make experiments in operating alley shuttle buses to enrich its feature of three-dimensional bus system and further facilitate public travel. According to Chongqing Morning Post, the first alley shuttle bus in Chongqing High-tech Industria [...]

Places recommended for rafting in Chongqing

If spring is the season of tourism, then summer is the time to play with water! How about rafting in hot summer days? We collected some suitable places around Chongqing. Let’s have a look! Banan Foying Gorge Rafting Foying Gorge Rafting is located in Tiaoshi Town, Banan District, Chongqing. This is a popular rafting spot in Chongqing. The tourist area is about an hour away from the main urban ar [...]

Busy water transport at Naxigou on the Yangtze River

On the evening of June 10, ships at anchor were waiting for loading and unloading containers and bulk cargos at Naxigou Port, which added bright colors to Naxigou Port under the setting sun. Since the resumption of work and production of water transport in Chongqing, it has become a temporary anchorage for ships entering and leaving Jiangbei Cuntan Port and Nan’an Naxigou Port. Dozens of ships e [...]

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