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Free physical examination for the elderly

On April, the family doctor team from Songji Town hospital in Yongchuan District provided a free physical examination to the elderly aged 65 and above in Xinjiezi Village. From April 8 to early June, Songji Town will prove a free physical examination and family doctor signing services for 2092 elderly people aged 65 and above within this area, to fully understand their physical conditions and ac [...]

Chongqing plans to achieve smoke free in all indoor public places in 2020

Recently, the 20th National Symposium on Tobacco Control was held in Chongqing. At present, Chongqing has officially listed the regulations on the control of smoking in public places into the legislative preparatory project of the Municipal People's Congress in 2019, striving to submit it to the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal People's Congress for deliberation and promulgatio in 2 [...]

These old folk tea houses in Chongqing are worth visiting

The weather in Chongqing during this fall seems particularly mild. The beginning of September has brought a sense of autumn. During this nice weather, if we can spend a day in an old tea house with low cost, full of Chongqing flavor, even just sit quietly, watch shows or gossip with others, it will be relaxing. Jiaotong Teahouse 交通茶馆: listed on the National Geographic Chinese Located in Huangj [...]

Hotspring & SPA


Explore Recreation Hotspring by Blanche Chang # Beity Hotspring Tourism Resort# Fine SPA,conference,banquet services etc. are provided there.Beity Hotspring Tourism Resort have been certificated as four-star resort.★★★★ The water temperature remains at 50 to 60 degrees centigrade all the year round,without much difference in winter and summer,hence exerting an obvious curative effect on a numbe [...]

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