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Welcome to the year of the rat

As the new decade rolls around, we enter the year of the rat. If you are amongst the rat-born, what does this mean? According to the Chinese zodiac your element is water, you are more yin than yang, the eleventh lunar month is your lucky lunar month, your lucky numbers are 2,3,6, and 8, your lucky flower is a lily, your lucky colours are gold, blue, and green, and your lucky season is winter. [...]

A taste of history

Experience early-twentieth century Chongqing flavours of Chongqing Yangji Flavour Kongfu Restaurants重庆杨记味功夫餐饮 This leading Chongqing brand creates dishes based on regional cuisine popular during the Republic of China era. With restaurants across Chongqing and China, it claims to have now served over two million diners. Some of their most popular dishes include the Yangji Signature Fish, a w [...]

Rock climbing in Chongqing

Last weekend, the 2019 Asian Youth Rock Climbing Championship was successfully concluded in the Huayan Gecko King National Rock Climbing Demonstration Park in Jiulongpo District, and Chongqing players achieved a breakthrough. Rock climbing, known as rock ballet, has attracted more attention after becoming the official event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and 2024 Paris Olympic Games. How is the [...]

The “Green Giant” Fuxing Bullet Trains of Bazhong - Dazhou Line to be in service

According to Chengdu Railway Bureau, on October 25, the BaDa Line (Bazhong - Dazhou) will be in service by using the "Green Giant" Fuxing Bullet Trains. At that time, citizens of Chongqing, Chengdu can take the bullet train to Bazhong. At the same time, the launch of the "Green Giant" Bullet Trains of the BaDa Line also marks the end of the history of no bullet trains in Bazhong, the old revolut [...]

Mecy Apartment your warm harbor leads elite living style in Chongqing.


Mecy Apartment of Chongqing Palm Springs is opening on October 2018.The apartment is located in Palm Spring Community of Yubei District , It can reach Jiangbei Airport, Guanyin Bridge Business District and Jiangbeizui Business Center within 30 minutes..As one of the most advanced communities in Chongqing, it will bring the most complete living experience for the elite and the rich.During the ope [...]

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