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How much do you know about Chongqing? Here is a quiz.

CHONGQING(CQNEWS)--This is quiz to test how much you know about Chongqing. Now the test begins and you are not allowed to use your mobile phone or Baidu, or ask for help from your friends, or whisper to each other during the test. Elementary Questions 1. City flower of Chongqing is () A. Peony B. Jasmine C. Camellia D. Azalea 2. Which one of the following is not the nickname of Chongqing? () A. [...]

Bus Routes with Title of “Most” in Chongqing

CHONGQING(CQNEWS)--As the primary mode of transportation of a city, buses play an important role in people’s travel. Today, let’s take a look at the bus routes with a title of “most” in Chongqing. The bus route with most bus stops in Chongqing – No. 217 bus Route: Xipeng Industrial Park – North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station After contemplating for quite a long time upon seeing the ro [...]

General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum

The General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum is situated in the Yuzhong Region of Chongqing, and occupies an area of 7.2 mu (about 1.2 acres). It was founded in memory of Joseph W. Stilwell, an American general who contributed a great deal to the Chinese people. Since the museum opened to the public in 1991, tens of thousands of visitors from home and overseas have been there. William Pace, a former Am [...]

Diaoyu Fortress

The steep and magnificent Oriental Mecca - Diaoyu Fortress In the city of West China - Chongqing stood a "miracle town", which once rewrote the whole history of the world, named Diaoyu Fortress. Like many historical sites in China, the interesting name of “Diaoyu Fortress” was derived from an ancient legend: a long time ago, a number of flood victims ran towards the mountain to escape from the f [...]

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Situated on the bank of the Jia Ling River, not far from its confluence with the mighty Yangtze is the ancient village of Ci Qi Kou, formerly known as Long Yin. Covering an area of some 1.2 square kilometres (291.6 acres) it is 14 kilometres to the west of Chongqing Municipality. Chongqing itself has undergone many changes over the centuries, changes that have not been reflected in Ci Qi Kou wit [...]

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