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Interview with Yew Chung, a Leader of an International School in Chongqing


1.What's Yew Chung's educational philosophy? At Yew Chung Group, we believe in providing a balanced education. All round development of the child not just solely academic growth. We look at character and have a character-based education programme and we also examine learning skills through our learning profile. This aims to give children not just academic excellence but the life skills [...]

CQ’s Traditional Music The Intangible Cultural Heritage Map

Chongqing is home to centuries of folk music 1. Chuanjiang Haozi ('labour songs') Chuanjiang Haozi were originally sung by the boatmen who heaved boats by ropes through the steep rapids of the Yangtze river and its tributaries, the Jialing, Wujiang, and Daning. The songs originally developed as a means of the men keeping stride with each other. The songs’ rich lyrics feature places along the r [...]

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