These old folk tea houses in Chongqing are worth visiting

The weather in Chongqing during this fall seems particularly mild. The beginning of September has brought a sense of autumn. During this nice weather, if we can spend a day in an old tea house with low cost, full of Chongqing flavor, even just sit quietly, watch shows or gossip with others, it will be relaxing.

Jiaotong Teahouse 交通茶馆: listed on the National Geographic Chinese

Located in Huangjueping Centre Street, Jiaotong teahouse is the only teahouse with 70s and 80s style in Chongqing. Although with not much space, the ancient wooden structure, uneven beam, dark gray tiles and mottled walls reveal a unique sense of the times. Such a teahouse is full of the dense city atmosphere that occupies the normal life of Huangjueping natives. They have boiled their first tea in morning, decade after decade. It seems that the curious tourists, the shooting crew and the photographers have nothing to do with them — they live in harmony.

Tea species: General Green Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Jasmine Tea, Tuocha and Biluochun Tea.

Reference price: 5 yuan

Address: Underground layer of Luxuan Studio, Huangjueping Center Street No. 4 - 5, Jiulongpo District

TipsIf you want to just take pictures and not drink tea, pay 5 yuan to the boss and take photos as you please.

Zhuanyun Tower 转运楼: to appreciate the traditional Sichuan opera

You want to appreciate opera while drinking tea? I recommend you go to Zhuanyun Tower. After entering, you will feel you have been separated from the modern society and have returned back to the cozy Chongqing theatre. The teahouse is divided into two levels, with the first floor providing tea tasting and watching the performance, while the second floor provides traditional costumes to put on makeup and take pictures for tourists.

Reference price: 74 yuan (tourists can choose the package including meals and performances)

Address: Ciqikou Centre Street No. 110 of Shapingba District

TipsIf you want to see the performance, please come to the teahouse earlier. Visiting the teahouse is free of charge.

Hanlin Teahouse 翰林茶馆: to experience "Paoge" culture

In Ciqikou, the old teahouse, old tile roofed house, old yard, mottled wood stigma, weathered stone and the old shop streamers all show a long history. Entering the gate of Ciqikou, turn left after 20 meters, you will see the characters of "Hanlin Teahouse." It's the right place for you listening to old stories of "Paoge".

Tea species: Green Tea, Tuocha, Chrysanthemum Tea, Jasmine Tea, etc.

Reference price: Ordinary tea (Green Tea or Tuocha, etc) is generally 10 yuan a cup; Scented Tea (Chrysanthemum or Jasmine Tea) is 10 yuan one cup, first-class tea ranges from 15 to 25 yuan.

Address: Near the 1st lane of Huangjueping, Shapingba District

Baba Tea in Eling Park 鹅岭公园坝坝茶: garden taste of ancient Yuzhong

Eling Park is located in the high land of the Yuzhong Peninsula, with a spacious view. We can take a bird's-eye view of the north side of Jialing River and overlook the south bank of the Yangtze River. Usually it is the local residents who come here to have a walk, rest or drink Baba tea. If we are lucky with the fine weather, we will enjoy the extremely beautiful night scenery. In the moderate climate, if you want to spice up your weekend and relish the feeling of old Chongqing, Eling Park is the destination for you.

Tea species: All kinds of scented tea, ordinary green tea, black tea, etc.

Reference price: 6~10 yuan

Address: Within Hillsides of Huangge Ancient Road 黄葛古道半山坡: to go uphill to taste tea

Huang Ge ancient road, the most famous ancient road in Chongqing, is preferred as the place of mountaineering and leisure by citizens. With a history of over 800 years, it was once the only way which must be passed by Sichuan and Guizhou merchants during successive dynasties, and so it has gained its nickname of the "Chongqing Silk Road". There are centuries-old trees reaching up towards the sky on both side of the old path. When you have a rest on a hillside, you will find various teahouses. In ordinary days, children often come here after school to do their homework or play with each other. If you are unoccupied and have nothing to do, you can choose to stay at here, and then you will feel the most pure life leisure interest with the most characteristic Chongqing features.

Tea species: Tuocha, all kinds of scented tea, ordinary green tea, black tea, Tieguanyin, etc.

Reference price: 10 yuan

Address: Huang Ge ancient road in Nan'an District

In Chongqing, whether big or small, an old teahouse is one dream in our minds. Surrounded by the towering buildings, the folk flavor, and human kindness will be warmly prolonged. 

Eling Park in Yuzhong District (The park is for free)