Delicious dishes apart from fast food near the airport

For Chongqing people, the place called Lianglu is rarely visited unless going to take a plane. Even some people cannot distinguish the two places, Lianglu and Lianglukou. As Chongqing develops better, there are more flights and more people from other places to transfer flights in Chongqing. Today, let’s have a look at delicious food near the airport.

Jianhuo Chuanchuan

You’d better go earlier because many people usually queue up for it in the evening. With good service, fresh and various dishes, it pays more attention to dishes studying and provides a new streaky pork with peppers.

Muma Chuanwei Kaorou

Near Bijin Station of Line 3, it’s with a little of bar atmosphere due to the resident singer, providing fresh roast shrimp, crisp and tender soybean curd, and authentic Australian steak.

Caofengzi Laohuoguo

Its decoration is not luxurious but distinctive, with comfortable environment, fresh dishes and cost-effective price. The fragrance emitting from hotpot dishes can be smelt in a distance. You even can enjoy the discounted price by means of your ticket on the day. Hot and spicy beef can be regarded as its special dish, and you can be satisfied by it.

Longshi Jichang Wandoumian

It is very close to the airport, offering the noodles with soft and sweet peas. Some people go to eat a bowl of noodles before getting on the plane and after off the plane respectively. Moreover, it sells raw noodles and seasonings for people, which may be caused by the lots of tourists from other places.

However, taking flight is more important than food. Don’t miss your flight.