Fantasy food of 9st Street you can’t miss

The 9st street is a place full of food attractions. Located in the fashionable Guanyinqiao business district, the 9st Street is a place which will make people's hormones tumble when its name is heard. On one street, SPACE, PLAY HOUSE, Tripei... there are so many clubs. But in fact, at the 9st Street, in addition to alcohol, there are a variety of food and 100 ways to make appetizers, each of which will keep you hooked.

Peijie Old Hotpot

There are always many diners in Peijie Old Hotpot restaurant, no matter where it is. Although you may feel tired to wait for your turn, but you must have a try if it is the first time for you to visit the 9st Street.

Nuhuo Baling

There are more than 100 kinds of Chuanchuan (food like vegetables and meats penetrated by the stick), including more than 20 kinds of beef sticks like magnoliophyta beef sticks, chive beef sticks and so on... Does it include every part of the cattle?

Heshi Barbecue

Compared to Keyuan 4th Road, Heshi Barbecue on the 9st Street seems to be more suitable for friends to get together to have some drinks while eating Chuanchuan. If you sit by the window, you can overlook the whole 9st Street.

Nine Nice Garden Themed Afternoon Tea

This dessert shop is the first dessert afternoon tea shop themed by movies and TV series of China. There are so many beautiful hats in the shop, and fairies of different styles can be controlled. The photography is really elegant and stylish.

Roman Holiday, Mirror Mirror, Alice in Wonderland, Downton Abbey, English Afternoon Tea and other branded theme desserts, make it hard for you to move your eyes and eat them. Chatting and taking photos of eating dessert, you will feel good.

Wuda Jingang

It sells traditional Chongqing snacks, many of which cannot be found on the street, including oil tea and glutinous rice cake.

The price of each dish is low, almost lower than 10 yuan, though breakfast is served at different times.

Do you know any other good food at the 9st Street?