New image promotion video of Chongqing released

The Yinfeng Lake National Wetland Park where water birds dance, the Jiefangbei CBD where the international fashion show are presented, and the Huguang Guild Hall where the urban scenery intersects with each other... On August 25, the new image promotion video of Chongqing, shot by Science and Education Channel of Chongqing Broadcasting Group (Head Station), was released in various media. The 35-second video is divided into three parts: landscape, humanities and city. It uses 22 pictures to describe the beautiful ecology, the perfect blend of traditional and modern Chongqing, where people and nature coexist harmoniously.

Yu Jibo, director of the video, introduced that the image film has undergone nearly 200 adjustments since its plan on January 2 and was officially released one day before the opening of the 2019 Smart China Expo. "Compared with the Chongqing city image promotion video released last year, the new video highlights Chongqing's international style, fashion and cultural heritage. It is expected that the video will make the guests home and abroad who attend the 2019 Smart China Expo feel infinite charm of Chongqing.