Chongqing Has Introduced 20 Policies and Measures to Support SMES to Tide Over Difficulties

Twenty Policies and Measures to Support SMES in Overcoming Difficulties by General Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Government about Responding to the Pneumonia Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Infection

Further Optimizing Government Services

1. Set up the green channel for project approval.

2. Opening up the green channel for material procurement.

3. Establish the green channel for the import and export of epidemic prevention materials.

4.Smooth the green channel for emergency supplies transportation.

5. Strengthen services for enterprise employment.

Further Release the Burden on Enterprises

6.Relief tax on SMES affected by the pneumonia outbreak .

7.Deferred payment of taxes,the maximum term shall not exceed 3 months;

8.Hold over social insurance payments.

9.Implement the policy of stabilizing posts during epidemic period.

10.Reduce the burden of housing accumulation fund payment.

11.Rent reduction for 1-3 months for SMES.

12.Reduce the burden of electricity and gas consumption payment of enterprises.

Further Increase Financial Support

13.Ensure that the credit balance of SMES does not decline.

14.Increase tolerance for non-performing loans.

15.Increase the input of low-cost financial policies.

16.Increase credit support to solve problems.

17.Strengthen the services of local financial institutions.

18.Support efforts to address open market risks for SMES.

19.Support reduction of financing cost for SMES.

20.Support SMES in scientific and technological innovation.

The above policies and measures shall be implemented from the date of promulgation to June 30, 2020. If the state issues relevant supporting policies, they shall be complied with and implemented.

General Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Government

February 4, 2020

(Source: Chongqing Daily)