Body temperature must be measured when you takes rail transit

According to Chongqing Rail Transit Group, in order to assist in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak and effectively curb the spread of the epidemic, 228 temperature monitoring points have been set up in all stations of Chongqing Rail Transit, and passengers must measure the body temperature when taking rail transit.

Ventilation system is fully operated and the CRT trains are sterilized every day

At present, Chongqing Rail Transit Group has continued to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of related equipment and facilities of the centralized air conditioning and ventilation system, and has optimized the ventilation modes of stations, trains, and tunnels to keep the air flowing. The ventilation mode of each station of the entire network is adjusted to a new wind operation mode. The on-line train air-conditioning system turns on the ventilation mode throughout the day. Before the daily operation and after the shutdown, the zone tunnel is turned on for 1 hour to further improve the air mobility in the tunnel. The cleaning frequency of the filter screens of the ventilation system and the air-conditioning system is increased to ensure a good filtering effect.

At the same time, the group has done a good job in cleaning and disinfection of public area service facilities of the whole network. The disinfection frequency of station area has increased from once a week to once every two days, and the highest disinfection frequency has increased to twice a day for self-service facilities, security inspection machines, elevator handrails and other facilities and equipment.

The frequency of disinfection in the carriages of on-line trains has increased from once a week to once a day. At the same time, when the train runs to the terminal station for turn back, the cleaning personnel are arranged to enter the carriages for patrol.

Two hundred and twenty-eight temperature monitoring points have been set up and passengers are required to have their body temperature checked

A total of 228 temperature monitoring points have been set up in all stations of Chongqing Rail Transit. Infrared thermometers are used at the security check points of each station to measure the body temperature of passengers entering the station and remind them to wear masks. In case of abnormal body temperature, they will be isolated and call 120 in time for medical treatment. Passengers without masks will be advised to leave and register relevant information in time for reporting. The security staff of Chongqingbei Railway Station North Square Station, Terminal 3, Jiangbei Airport and other important hub stations have worn protective clothing to carry out temperature measurement every day.