Go back to old Chongqing in Liangjiang Movie City

 Where can you see the most traditional folk customs and feel the strongest Spring Festival atmosphere in Chongqing? On January 17, the Liangjiang Movie City New Year Folk Cultural Tourism Season started. News from the Liangjiang New Area said that the Spring Festival theme of Liangjiang Movie City is “folk custom, lively scene and street market”. Over 10 kinds of folklore performances are performed there. Moreover, brand-new live-action performance is also planned to bring you back to old Chongqing.  

In the Liangjiang Movie City, the reporter found that over 10 kinds of Chinese traditional folklore performances like Bench Dragon, Niudeng Opera, Bamboo Horse, Land Boat and Face Change and Flame-throwing were performed in difference areas. The lively folklore performances attracted many tourists to take photos.

It’s understood that these folklore performances were collected in Sichuan and Chongqing area after field visits, in order to make tourists feel the special charm of Chinese traditional folk culture and revitalize the traditional folk customs that are about to disappear.

In addition, since last year, Liangjiang Movie City has turned the lively performance into immersive scene experience, which is no longer pure performance, but tourist can be a part of the scene while playing around to “go back to the past” in person.