Chongqing orderly restores inter-provincial passenger bus lines

 According to Chongqing Transport Bureau, in order to meet the needs of migrant workers returning to work and enterprises resuming production, and give strong support to enterprises returning to work and stable economic and social operation, on the premise of epidemic prevention and control and safety management, from March 3, Chongqing will orderly resume the operation of inter-provincial passenger transport lines of relevant provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) opened before the outbreak of epidemic (except Beijing and Hubei).

According to the demand, Chongqing comprehensively resumes the inter-provincial passenger transport between the low-risk areas of our city and relevant provinces; gradually resumes the inter-provincial passenger transport between the middle-risk areas; and suspends the recovery of inter-provincial passenger transport between the high-risk areas. If there is a real need, the “point-to-point, one-stop” mode of charter service can be adopted.

The majority of passengers can use the WeChat mini program, WeChat public account, APP, official website of the Chongqing Highway Passenger Ticketing Network to make real-time inquiries and purchase tickets online.