Chongqing star hotels open “non-contact” takeout mode

Following the launch of “non-contact” takeout service in hotpot stores and catering stores, star hotels have also begun to take action, and transformed their business to promote take-out service. Five high-end star hotels under Chongqing River and Holiday Hotel Management Company have launched “non-contact” takeout business. You can order “Star” takeout without leaving home. So far, the hotel takeout revenue has increased by 63.8% over the same period last year.
An epidemic has accelerated the transformation of the catering industry. At the beginning, 80 hotpot stores in Chongqing opened “non-contact” takeout service, and then 64 catering stores also provided “enterprise group meal service” of non-contact distribution. Based on that, the major hotels have also focused on this market opportunity to solve the current business difficulties.

“Affected by the epidemic situation, hotels under the company have been closed. How to adapt to the changing consumer demand of customers in the epidemic situation? We found that the "zero touch" takeout service was popular with consumers, so we decided to develop online catering takeout,” according to the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Liangjiang Holiday Hotel Management Company.

The hotel’s takeout products include tom yum soup, tomato and beef pot, health mushroom pot, dry pot dumb rabbit, hand-made spinach juice bag, carrot noodles and other varieties, with prices ranging from 5 yuan to 288 yuan. You can purchase the food through the Wechat public account of “Chongqing River and Holiday Hotel” and “Eleme”.

In order to ensure the safety of takeout food, the back kitchen is carried out full monitoring video management. All employees on duty should have health certificates. Temperature test records are carried out every day, and the chef should wear masks, gloves and other protective articles to make cooking.