The temperature in Chongqing to rise gradually

After experiencing the recent cold-hot-cold weather, people lamented that spring in Chongqing is really a “crazy girl” and lets us experience four seasons. Recently, Chongqing was still dominated by cold weather, and many citizens have put on down jackets. As of 16:00 on March 30, the highest temperature in most areas was generally between 10 and 14 °C. Jiangjin was the warmest with a maximum temperature of 14.5 °C. Youyang was the coldest with a maximum temperature of only 5.7 °C. The highest temperature of yesterday in the main urban areas was 14.2 °C.

The Chongqing Meteorological Observatory predicted that although there would still be some rainfall in some areas of our city, the weather is generally improving and the temperature is gradually rising. The city’s maximum temperature will rise to 26 °C and the maximum temperature in main urban areas will reach 22 °C. Warm weather is coming back.

Experts warned that people should pay attention to wear clothing to keep warm as the cold weather continues. In addition, there will be no obvious rainfall in most areas including the main urban areas, so people can wear masks for outdoor exercise to be strong against the cold.