Ciqikou Scenic Area reopens

The sun was shining in the beautiful spring. At 8 a.m. on March 26, Ciqikou Ancient Town welcomed the first batch of tourists. “I stayed at home for almost two months. While the weather is fine, and the scenic area has been opened, I come here and turn around,” Ms. Wu said happily.

Ciqikou Scenic Area has been reopened to the public. The Ciqikou Police Station of Shapingba Branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau also acted quickly to ensure the safety of the scenic area in combination with the situation and requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

“With the opening of the scenic area, more and more people will come. You should be aware that when there are many tourists, you should remind them not to crowd together. Call us whenever you need.” Police Zhang Xianbo and He Yunling told the merchants from door to door.

According to the person in charge of Ciqikou Police Station, before the opening of the scenic area, Ciqikou Police Station will carry out a comprehensive “physical examination” for each scenic spot with relevant departments in the scenic area. After the opening of the scenic spot, Ciqikou Police Station scientifically adjusted the police deployment in view of the fact that the number of tourists increased, so as to ensure a higher police rate on the street and timely accept all kinds of alarm and help from the masses. At the same time, a comprehensive check of the staff management, personal protection, and epidemic management of the already opened shops in Ciqikou has been conducted. The police also cooperated with the staff of the scenic area to implement time-sharing appointment management and control of the passenger flow in the scenic area to avoid crowds of people and ensure public security.

The police remind that tourists who want to go to Ciqikou Scenic Area can apply for “Chongqing Code” in advance, show it as soon as possible after arriving at the scenic area, and cooperate with the staff to take body temperature to avoid crowding. 

( Source: CQNEWS)