Lliberate Your Coffee

Around CQ you'll find a growing number of independent coffee shops. Local coffee lovers association "You and Coffie' has put together their recommendations for some of the best artisanal venues.

Coffeeholic 荷麗可

Stylish cofite shop at the new creative hub Testbed2 near E'ling Park. Exquisite coffee based drinks featuring coffiee beans from bean roasters in Chengdu and Australia.


Testbed2, Eling Main Street, E'ling, Yuzhong

渝中区鹅岭正街1号贰厂文创公园华 江楼G层

No. 15, Building 6, Jinshan Cultural and Creative Park, Liangjiang New Area, Yubei 渝北区汇丰路金山意库6栋1楼15号

Coffee and Beach


A twenty minute walk from Jiefangbei's iconic clock tower, this cosy store is the local incarnation of an independent brand from Sydney and aims to recreate some of Australia's vibrant coffiee scene. To ensure their own individual quality they roast their own beans on site.


No. 1, LG Floor, South Area, Rongchuang Baixiang Street, Chuqimen, Yuzhong District 渝中区储奇门融创白象街南区LG层 附1

Taste Coffee


Opened by Chinese speciality coffiee professionals, they serve excellent espressos and espresso based drinks, alongside a signature pour over coffee. Definitely worth trying!


Next to the 462 bus stop, opposite no.402 bus stop, Datong Road, Women's Square, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong

解放碑大同路女人广场外侧楼462 站(402车站始发站旁)

Throw off the branded shackles and support CQ's growing independent coffie scene

1 +cafe

Newly opened coffee shop in Chongqing Tiandi in Yuzhong. Their motto is a 'home away from home* and they really managed to create a perfect environment to enjoy a cup of coffiee and chat with your friends. They offer speciality coffee beans roasted by CQ “Sweet Coffee Roasters ”. Reasonably priced, and the whiskey latte is highly recommended.


Inside the Chongqing Tiandi shopping complex, Hualongqiao, Yuzhong 渝中区化龙桥重庆天地

Wuli Cafe

Situated next to the twin golden towers of the Sheraton Hotel on Nanbin Lu. It is a really nicely furnished shop serving specially roasted beans from Shanghai and is one of the few places in CQ to ofTer vegan lattes.


1891A building, Nanbin Road, Nanping, Nan'an District 南岸区南滨路1891A馆

You and Coffee

Is an international coffiee association that runs regular events around the city for coffee lovers. To join their group and find out more about what they have going in, please scan the QR code.