JIUCLUB High-end art club launches

Nine has a big significance in Chinese art and literature. There are nine palaces in the book of Luoshu, nine is also prominent in the ancient Book of Changes, and the ancients divide China into nine states.

Nine stands for constancy and love.

Because of the "Jiu” has such a profound ideological and cultural connotation and very enlightening philosophy so many people through the ages Jiu” and other content combined to get new inspiration. So when the “Jiu” and the art will collide with what could happen?Art is a dream, people really advocating art in their heart. Of course, the barren material will depress the spirit, but the material will soon be able to meet. The real value is spiritual. The pursuit of art is human instinct.

Chongqing, a fast-growing cit% the economic growth for all to see. In the field of art, there is not yet a great art club. In the country to promote cultural development and prosperity of the trend, Chongqing HongyiJiuzhou International Culture and Arts Center integrated multi-resources. And it set up to create a new spiritual world, as the goal of Jiu-CLUB high-end art club.

In May 2017, Hongyijiuzhou International Culture and Arts Center officially- operated. It is following the Shanghai Free Trade Area, Beijing Tianzhu comprehensive protection area after the countrys third ftdly functional, fully equipped international art trading platform. As the only cultural and trade enterprises in Chongqing FTA., for the world to carry out cultural and artistic goods foreign trade agents, trade auctions, warehousing logistics, bonded custody and other business, and build resources to build cultural and arts industry chain, to build the western standard of cultural and artistic industrial park.

Just a few months of official operation, Hongyijiuzhou on its innovative model has been widely recognized, and more leaders come to Hongyijiuzhou investigation and research. Including Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Lu Ybngzheng, Vice Governor of the Chongqing Municipal Peoples Congress, Deputy Director of the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs, Mr. Pan Xiaobo, Deputy Director of the Customs and Excise Department of Changsha.

Hongyijiuzhou set up Jiu,CLUB, it is based on the platform of the ability to build resources, trying to build radiation southwest, affecting the country large- scale art club, dedicated to members to create a connotation and style of art. Jiu CLUB members of the scope of radiation to Chongqing as the center, extended to the southwest and nationwide, members of the crowd, including artists, arts and crafts masters, entrepreneurs, college art students, arts and crafts enthusiasts.

JiirCLUB'in order to create a quality of life platform art platform,, social interaction platform to carry out for members the purpose of including art tasting, art class, domestic and international art trip, parent-child art, Social salon, artist solotion and a series of club activities.

A public welfare club organization, Ji- CLUB' to implement a free membership system.The people who meet the conditions of membership can get membership and enjoy a series of membership benefits. Members can be invited to participate in the club regularly organized various activities.They also can timely access to all kinds of art exhibition information and enjoy free or preferential ticket treatment. They can get the information of all kinds of art in the world and enjoy free or preferential ticket,at the same time,they can interact with artists and other members to expand more cooperation and development space.