Chongqing Building a Key National Advanced Manufacturing Centre

On February 21, Hu Henghua, deputy secretary of Chongqing municipal party committee and mayor, discussed via video conference the creation of a nationally important advanced manufacturing centre focusing on industry and information technology, big data application development and investment promotion. To lead this, the municipal Party Committee and government are creating effective teams to focus on investment promotion and attracting key businesses, forming key industrial chains, market management and governance.

Hu stressed that at present, Chongqing's manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transition, cultivating new advantages and stepping up to a new level. We should put the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in a more prominent position, focus on recruiting key industrial players, focus on industrial chains, and accelerate the cultivation of competitive industrial clusters.

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February 21, the head of Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission announced that Chongqing aims to see around 6% growth in large industrial companies’ value added growth, industrial investment growth of around 7%. Chongqing is also creating a nationally important advanced manufacturing centre, and is investing heavily in innovation, promoting double chain coupling, enhancing key economic aspects, and these will be this year's top priority.

Industrial development driven by technological innovation

"Innovation is the driving force leading development, and is also key to industrial upgrading, modernization is key to the industrial chain, and Chongqing will accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system. Chongqing will move from factor input-driven to technology innovation-driven industrial development, and enhance industrial competitiveness with reform and innovation. It will enhance development with open innovation, enhance sustainability with collaborative innovation, and shape new advantages in development through scientific and technological innovation.

To build a new engine of scientific and technological innovation, Chongqing will strengthen strategic science and technology, university-institute collaboration, industrial technology and other innovation platforms, enhance applied basic research, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and technology iteration and upgrading, promoting the interweaving of innovation and industrial chains and connect the first and last, to create a centre for scientific and technological innovation and high-tech industrial clusters.

To establish a benchmark modern industrial system, Chongqing will use science and technology to pull the development of high-end, green, intelligent and integrated industries, promote the integration of industrial chain, factor chain, supply chain, value chain and innovation chain, and promote the transformation of industrial development from resource-dependent to innovation-driven, from wasteful and high-carbon to green and low-carbon, and from scattered and inefficient to intensive and efficient.

The region also aims to be a centre for innovation, strengthening enterprises as the carriers of innovation and promoting the region to major innovative companies. It will focus on strengthening the industrial innovation system based on enterprises and a market-orientation, as well as integrating industry and academia and research. It will also promote the free flow and efficient allocation of talent, capital, technology, information and other innovation elements, and promote the synergistic development of the real economy, science and technology innovation, modern finance and human resources.

Coupling of industrial chains and innovation chains

Since early 2020, Chongqing has established 33 key industrial chains to serve the city's key industrial development directions, especially integrated circuits and new-type displays, and is planning their further layout. It is continuously implementing the reengineering of industrial bases and the modernization and upgrading of the supply and industrial chains.

Around the industrial chain deployment innovation chain, Chongqing will focus on the implementation of four projects:

· The institute matrix system project. This will see the construction of Chongqing’s high-tech industry research institute, focusing on the transfer of various scientific research results, the incubation of start-ups to promote the establishment of high-tech industrial research branches in each district and county, the selection of scientific research results, and creating a centre for incubation and cultivation.

· The industrial design capacity enhancement project. Implementing special actions to strengthen market entities, attract and nurture professional talents, cultivate carrier platforms, build design ecology, and shape brand activities, and cultivate more than 30 new municipal-level industrial design centres.

· The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cultivation Project. Focusing on cultivating various industries such as automobiles, electronics, equipment manufacturing, medicine, materials, and consumer goods.

· The Manufacturing Strong Chain Innovation Project. Bringing in leading research institutes, key universities, innovation platforms and other innovation resources around key industrial fields, and attracting resources and talent in key industrial fields. It will implement key actions and stabilise investment, and ensure that the new output value of new investment projects will be over 130 billion yuan.

Chongqing will also build three major systems:

· A "growth" system for scientific and technological achievements with new high-tech enterprises and specialized clusters.

· A special action plan to promote the high-quality development of "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises, aiming to annually nurture 300 local businesses with unique specialized elements and products.

· An action plan for the construction of key industrial parks and other initiatives 

These will focus on nurturing smaller companies based around key large enterprises, creating new industrial chains in fields such as automobiles, electronics and equipment, and creating new leaders in emerging industrial chains such as integrated circuits and new displays.

Serving business development from five angles

In 2022, Chongqing will form a development atmosphere in which industries and projects should be valued, build a mechanism and team to effectively develop industries, continue to optimize the business environment around industrial chains, and escort the development of enterprises with precise policies and attentive services.

To achieve these goals, Chongqing will focus on enhancing capabilities from five angles:

· Enhancing the capacity for collaborative development and collaboration to promote the stability and protection for people’s life quality,

· Promoting the integrated development of large, medium and small enterprises and regional collaborative development,

· Enhancing the capacity for intellectual reform and digital transformation,

· Promoting the digital empowerment of industry, digital industrial empowerment and new infrastructure construction,

· Enhancing green development.

The government will also enhance its ability to provide comprehensive services, understand the development needs of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, solve their development problems, accelerate the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise gathering areas, and create specific business parks for both industrial chains and SMEs.

Source: Chongqing Daily