9 Natural Oxygen Zones in CQ

Tongliang District is an ecological centre. In 2021, there were 327 days with good ambient air quality and the average negative oxygen ion concentration was 3033 /cm3. The region boasts eight historical scenic areas around Tongliang, and the Xuantian Lake.

Shizhu County has beautiful mountains and rivers. It is dominated by low mountains and hills, and areas such as Shizhu have a forestation rate of Shizhu is 59.04%, in the last year good ambient air quality wa seen on over 340 dayswith the oxygen content ranging from 16.5% to 20.7%.

Yuyang Longgang National Geopark has a forestation rate of 71.35%. Good ambient air quality is seen on more than 96% of days in the year, the highest concentration of negative oxygen ions was 7684/cm3, and water quality is ranked national class II, making it a good place for leisure and recreational tourism.

The climate of Wushan County is warm for nine months of the year. In 2021, for 358 days of the year it enjoyed good ambient air quality and an annual average negative oxygen ion concentration of over 1,000 ions/cm3. Relying on good ecological and humanistic resources, the county is actively integrated into the Ba-Shu cultural tourism corridor, creating a unique "Wushan model".

Shapingba District, has excellent ecology and sites including Gele Mountain and Jinyun Mountain, with an average annual concentration of over 3,000 negative oxygen ions/cm3. Green and lush forests can be seen year-round and it is known as the lung of the central city of Chongqing, meanwhile areas such as Jiling" were chosen as one of Chongqing’s top twelve historical scenic spots.

Fengjie County in Chongqing was known as Kuizhou” in ancient times and is now known as the City of Poetry. Its current name is taken from the Chinese idiom "Feng Gong Shou Jie"devotion to public duties and observance of the rules. It has a total forest coverage of 71.4% and an average annual concentration of 3005 negative oxygen ions/cm3, Fengjie County is one of the most beautiful ecological and cultural tourist-friendly cities in China.

Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone Heisan Tourism Resortit has almost 18.000 hectares of forest coveraging 83.9% of the region and an average annual concentration of 3285 negative oxygen ions/cm3. The "Black Valley Scenic Area" is known as the "Chongqing-Guizhou Biological Hub" because of the scale and diversity of its wildlife, and the Dragon Scale Stone Sea is known as the "oldest stone forest in China".

Wulong District is home to the majestic Dalou Mountains, Wuling scenic area. The secluded Wujiang River Gallery, and its high mountains and deep valleys. It has unique health-related tourism resources, a negative oxygen ion concentration is 3035/cm3, and the annual percentage of good ambient air quality days is 95.8%.

Liangping District, it has a pleasant climate and the annual number of days with good ambient air quality in the region is over 340, with an annual average concentration of 2,684 negative oxygen ions/cm3. Liangping is a typical demonstration area for national ecological protection and construction, and a national demonstration area for integrated development of rural industries.