Key phrases in Chongqing’s 2022 development language

These phrases symbolize new development models put out by the government.

"Two new and one core"

Develop more infrastructure with real economic benefit.

Improve quality of international consumption carriers

Increase consumer spending by building more retail outlets and encouraging the growth of local retail and commercial platforms and brands.


Grow the retail and services sector and increase cross-border ecommerce.

"Waterless Port"

Create a comprehensive transport system bringing together rail, road, air, and river facilities.

Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle

Integrate the economies of Chongqing and Chengdu for mutual benefit.

Western Financial Centre

Turn Chongqing into a regional financial hub with vibrant national and international links, and increase the number of international financial institutions operating in the city.

"A metropolitan area on rails"

Renovate 308 km of urban railways, starting the fourth phase of 44 km of new projects, promote TOD comprehensive development, and aim to have over 850 km of urban railways in operation or under construction and expand the network across the municipality.

"Yangtze River Landscape, Chongqing’s Ecological Island"

Develop ecological projects especially along the Yangtze River and in the Guangyang Island area. Complete the Guangyang Island International Conference Center, the Yangtze River Ecological Civilization Cadre Institute and the Great River Civilization Museum.

Humanistic Chongqing

Develop the cultural sector with projects such as the Dadawan-Cultural Palace-Dalian Hall, protect historic buildings and aim to preserve traditional and cultural aspects of Chongqing life.