New Western Land and Sea Corridor and China-Europe Express (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe ) add new channels

China-Myanmar International Express open 

On May 23, the international train of China-Myanmar New Corridor (Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar) departed from Yuzui Station of Guoyuan Port, marking the official opening of China-Myanmar New Corridor (Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar). The train carrie60 TEUs, including machinery and equipment, electronic parts, auto and motorcycle parts and other goods, and departLincang Port in Yunnan Province, finally arriving at Mandalay in Myanmar after 15 days.

The new China-Myanmar corridor has opened up another logistics path to the sea through the new land and sea corridor by means of public-rail transport. Relying on the new China-Myanmar corridor, local and neighboring areas of Chongqing export goods can be routed to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia through the sea port of Myanmar, and transport distance and time are greatly reduced. The route between Chongqing and Myanmar is estimated to be 20 days less than the traditional path, and the logistics cost are reduced by 20%.


New Land and Sea Corridor China-Lao Express (Chongqing-Vientiane) reduces logistics costs

The "Railway Express" mode is a new regulatory business model launched by the General Administration of Customs to further smooth the international railroad transport and logistics corridor and improve the efficiency of railroad import and export cargo transportation and customs clearance facilitation. In the past, the whole process of China-Laos Railway (Chongqing-Vientiane) took 5-7 days, after adopting the "Railway Express" mode, it would not only cut down the customs clearance procedures for customers and shorten the running time by 1-2 days, but also save the cost of a single box by 200 RMB. above.

Since its opening in December 2021, the volume of China-Lao Express (Chongqing-Vientiane) has exceeded 1000 TEUs, and the value of goods exceeded 300 million CNY, with goods radiating to Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and other countries, and continuously extending to the rest of Asia and Europe.


China-European Express (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) Caspian and Black seas route now operational 

The new route travels via Horgos port, passing through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Romania to the EU.

The route allows closer links with neighbouring areas including around the Black Sea and Mediterranean coastal countries.