Business Environment: The Unique Attraction of Chongqing

Song Wai Kit

Member of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Secretary General of the Yuao Friendship General Association, and Chongqing Hong Kong and Macao Consultant

The Macao SAR government is continuously enriching the connotation of Macao as the world tourism and leisure centre, promoting the cross-border integration of "tourism+", and promoting the high-quality development of the comprehensive tourism and leisure industry. I believe that the development of Macao will have many opportunities for cooperation with Chongqing in building an inland open economy and an international consumer centre. Chongqing can also continue to rely on Macao to promote Chongqing's increasingly international business environment to Portuguese speaking countries and the world.

Ren Bei

Associate Professor at Chongqing Institute of Socialism, Researcher at Lu Zuofu Research Center, and Expert at the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Circle Intelligence Unit Alliance

The development of private economy requires the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to shoulder the historical responsibilities bestowed by the times.Private companies have a keen grasp of the optimization and improvement of the business environment, and have a deep understanding of the improvement of the business environment in Chongqing in recent years and take the initiative.I believe that private companies will play a greater role in attracting internationally renowned companies to settle in Chongqing.

Yang Ming

Member of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Secretary General of Chongqing RCEP Investment and Trade Service Center

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is the largest free trade area in the world, covering approximately 30% of the world's population, 30% of the economy, and 30% of the total trade.Over the past year, trade exchanges between Chongqing and RCEP members have been strengthened, and Chongqing's excellent investment and business environment has left a deep impression on many international companies. I believe that RCEP members will become one of the important driving forces for Chongqing to attract large international companies, including the Fortune 500.