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List of Foreign Investment Services in Chongqing and Contacts


市发展改革委 Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission 1. Approval and filing of foreign investment projec 外资项目核准及备案 Foreign Investment Division 外资处 67575731 2. Confirmation of tax exemption for imported equipment of foreign investment projects. 外资项目进口设备免税确认 Foreign Investment Division 外资处 67575731 3. Registration of enterprises issuing foreign debts. 企业发行外债备案登记 Foreign In [...]

A Local-Style Afternoon Tea

A Local-Style Afternoon Tea Most Chongqing people prefer to have their tea parties at a tea house with some good friends, rather than enjoy an exquisite English-style one. Tea houses in this city are simple and accessible for almost all socioeconomic groups. An old-fashioned kitchen range, an awning, some wood tables, and benches—once you have these, you can build a tea house. And this exactly [...]

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