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Wushan New Town Wushan County, covering 2,958 sqkm and home to 650,000 people, is located in the heart of the Three Gorges ecological barrier. It is known for "one clear river, green mountains on both banks, red leaves of the Three Gorges, and clouds and rain of four seasons". The 2 million old remains known as Wushan Man, found in Longgupo, are believed by some to be an early hominid; the reg [...]

List of Foreign Investment Services in Chongqing and Contacts


市发展改革委 Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission 1. Approval and filing of foreign investment projec 外资项目核准及备案 Foreign Investment Division 外资处 67575731 2. Confirmation of tax exemption for imported equipment of foreign investment projects. 外资项目进口设备免税确认 Foreign Investment Division 外资处 67575731 3. Registration of enterprises issuing foreign debts. 企业发行外债备案登记 Foreign In [...]

Wow, This Is Chongqing


Wow, This Is Chongqing Before I actually came to Chongqing, I have no idea about Chongqing. All my friends thought Chongqing wasn't so developed. But when I came here, wow, this is Chongqing, all the high-rise buildings, the infrastructures. Everything there is like not something that I actually could imagine to be. I find that the people here are very nice and friendly. The merchants are very h [...]

Business Environment: The Unique Attraction of Chongqing

Song Wai Kit Member of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Secretary General of the Yuao Friendship General Association, and Chongqing Hong Kong and Macao Consultant The Macao SAR government is continuously enriching the connotation of Macao as the world tourism and leisure centre, promoting the cross-border integration of "tourism+", and promoting the high-quality development of t [...]

Made in Chongqing is very popular in Colombia

H.E. Sergio Cabrera, Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to China: Made in Chongqing is very popular in Colombia What impresses me the most is the people here, they were friendly, outgoing, and creative. In 2022, Chongqing's total import and export volume to Colombia reached 4.905 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 18.5%. Among them, the export was 4.815 billion CNY, a year-on-year incr [...]

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