Chongqing Hiking Trails

From ancient winding steps to stunning city panoramas, Chongqing’s distinctive hills and valleys offer hikers everchanging vistas. The Chongqing trail network aims to create a unique urban hiking experience that allows you to explore the city’s most iconic scenery. The network already features 17 urban trails covering 350km, and is still growing.

Beibei District, Beitang Gorge River Trail

The trail follows the Jialing River and its tributaries to create a leisure and sightseeing trail that integrates unique landscapes such as mountains, water, forests, springs and gorges. One of the highlights of the trail is the Jialing River Patrol Trail, which runs for 2.4 kilometers and connects to the North Hot Spring Park and the Jingang Monument.

How to get there

Take 510, 511, 518 to Coal Therapy 煤疗公交站 bus stop in Beibei, walk to the historical and cultural district of Jingang Monument to find the entrance to the trail; take rail transit line 6 and get off at Beibei station, walk 250 meters to Wujiao bus stop, take 510, 511, 518 to Coal Therapy 煤疗公交站 bus stop, walk to the Jingang Monument entrance of the trail.

Banan District Jianwen Ancient Trail

The 10.5 kilometre trail is located in the core scenic area of South Hot Spring, which was renovated and re-opened in 2020. It takes in attractions such as the National Heritage Park and Linsen Villa.

How to get there

Take the rail transit line 3 to Huaxi station, or take bus 303 or 308 to the Chaoyouchang station, then change to bus 327 or 309 in the direction of Jieshi and Lujiao, and you can get to the South Hot Spring Scenic Area in about 10 minutes.

Yubei District Yufeng Mountain Trail

The trail is divided into three kinds of trails: the cliff trail, the bicycle trail and the Dragon Gate hiking trail. Among them, the cliff trail is about 4.8 kilometres in length; the bicycle trail is located in Mapapeng of Yupeng Mountain Forest Park, with a total length of about 5.2 kilometers; the Longmen hiking trail is about 3.7 kilometers in length, with a bird's eye view of the two urban areas of Yubei and Jiangbei Airport on the way up from Longmen Village.

How to get there

Take bus No. 813 to Yufeng Mountain Station.