Wow, This Is Chongqing

Wow, This Is Chongqing

Before I actually came to Chongqing, I have no idea about Chongqing. All my friends thought Chongqing wasn't so developed. But when I came here, wow, this is Chongqing, all the high-rise buildings, the infrastructures. Everything there is like not something that I actually could imagine to be. I find that the people here are very nice and friendly. The merchants are very helpful.  

"Yellow Ferrari"

It's fantastic that Chongqing could actually build high-rise buildings on high lands and hills. Unlike other cities in China, Chongqing's road construction is also very special, I don't think I have seen like that before. I also find Chongqing Taxi drivers are fabulous, they can pass very narrow road and drive so fast, and they have a very famous nickname, the Yellow Ferrari.

Hotpot and Chongqing Xiaomian

When it comes to food, there is no worry about it. The Chongqing spicy hotpot is very popular all over the world. Even before I came over, I know about it, but i guess that in our place, the taste is mild. I'm okay with it. I still find it quite spicy, so occasionally I'm fine with it. Chongqing Xiaomian is another typical Chongqing food I like about. And it's also available in Singapore and Malaysia.

Chongqing People Are Quite Friendly

I do find the people in Chongqing are quite friendly and nice, that's also similar to Malaysian. This project is something that the government works in. Actually I would say that the local government helps us a lot and is very helpful when you need any support.

Night View of Chongqing

I like to read if I have free time, and I also do some exercise es doing free time. Because of my work, I haven't been to many places in Chongqing, but what impressed me the most is the night view of Chongqing, Guanyinqiao, Chaotianmen, just so beautiful, and that is like Hong Kong. You used to see it in the Hong Kong series, and now you see it live.

I Enjoy Working Here

Well, working in Chongqing is nothing much different from what I used to do. In fact, we are very busy because this is in the service industry and operation. And so with seven, twenty-four, I don't really have that much time. If I do have free time, I go to my gym sessions. I do enjoy working here.