Service Trade Innovative Development

Twenty twenty-three marked the end of the national pilot programme for comprehensive innovation and development in service trade. On November 1, the fourth batch of 25 "best practice cases" were released. Three cases, including Chongqing's "Exploration of New Models of Service Trade Statistics", "Exploration of Market-oriented Pricing and Trading Mechanisms for Intellectual Property Rights to Build an Intellectual Property Operation Service Ecology", and "Participation in Building New Rules for International Railway Transport and Postal Service," were selected. Chongqing has accumulated seven "best practice cases", demonstrating the potential for innovative development of service trade in Chongqing.

Chongqing is currently running three new national service trade innovation and development pilot projects, the "best practice cases".

Case I

Exploring a Market-oriented Pricing and Transaction Mechanism of Intellectual Property Rights and Building an Intellectual Property Operation Service Ecology

Chongqing is exploring and improving a market-oriented pricing and trading mechanism for intellectual property rights. This adheres to government guidance and market-oriented operation, focuses on building platforms, establishing systems, strengthening supervision, and cultivating markets, and promotes the establishment of cross regional and full chain intellectual property operation service platforms, providing strong support for the transformation and application of innovative achievements and high-quality economic development.

The aim is to build a Chongqing Intellectual Property Operation Centre, create a comprehensive intellectual property operation platform that integrates functions such as big data navigation services, storage and promotion, transaction settlement, value evaluation, and material disposal, and build an operation service ecosystem that integrates "intellectual property+industry+capital+talent" to achieve centralized supply of intellectual property operation elements and accelerate the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Case II

Participation in Building New Rules for International Railway Transport and Postal Services

The Agreement of International Railway through Freight Traffic issued by the Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD) in 1956 stipulates that specialized postal items are not allowed to be transported in international railway direct freight transport. Chongqing has actively coordinated and communicated with departments and units such as the General Administration of Customs, the State Post Office, China Post Group, and China Railway Group through the organisation of the China Europe freight train (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) for domestic section testing.

The OSJD held a meeting of the Transport Law Special Committee to discuss and approve the new version of the Agreement of International Railway through Freight Traffic, solving difficulties in existing procedures and links. As a result, the China Europe freight train (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) has achieved normalisation and scale in transporting exported mail. The full process of postal transportation realises data sharing of customs clearance and postal operation systems at the place of departure, transit, and exit, realizing the electronic clearance of China Europe international railway postal transportation. Chongqing has also become the first in China to export international railway postal transportation, the first to be approved for railway postal transportation pilot projects, and the first to complete two-way postal transportation. It is also the first to carry out China Europe freight train imported postal transportation.

Case III

Exploration of New Models of Service Trade Statistics

Chongqing has strengthened top-level design, formulated the "Chongqing Service Trade Statistics Coordination Work Mechanism", and accelerated the exploration of new models of local service trade statistics. Chongqing Municipal Commerce Commission and Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Statistics are the leading units, relying on Chongqing's service trade statistics coordination work mechanism, clarifying the responsibilities of relevant departments, holding regular meetings to coordinate and communicate relevant matters, and facilitating channels for sharing statistical data.

It has initiated two national level development and opening platforms, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and Western Science City of Chongqing High tech Zone, to participate in scientific statistical empirical research and carry out a special investigation on the overall development status of the service sector. Successfully taking foreign-related legal services for overseas contracting and incorporating them into the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service statistics of the Ministry of Commerce. "Exploration of New Models of Service Trade Statistics" has become the only case in the pilot project of "Improving Statistical Systems" nationwide.