Business Environment - The Unique Attraction of Chongqing

Wang Yun

Member of Signify Global Management Executive Committee, Senior Vice President and President of Northeast Asia:
As a leading global lighting company, Signify works closely with Chongqing. Signify has been involved in many landmarks in Chongqing, such as Hongyadong, the Liberation Monument, as well as the lighting systems in many important places, such as schools and stadiums. Signify will further consider its development strategy in China and strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Chongqing. At the same time, in the process of building a new open inland economy, Signify will also contribute with other multinational companies.

Deng Yawen

Executive Vice President of the Hong Kong Chongqing Friendship Federation:
As an international financial centre, international trade centre, and international shipping centre, Hong Kong has long been a major source of attracting foreign investment into the mainland, a major destination for listing and financing of mainland companies, and a major hub for international trade transfer and settlement. Hong Kong is now the third largest trading partner of Chongqing, and we hope that Chongqing can coordinate resources from all parties. Including highlighting the main line of economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong.

Sabrina Soussan

Chairman and CEO of SUEZ Group:

For the further opening-up and development of Chongqing, I suggest building more and better cooperation platforms to promote green innovation. Meanwhile, optimise the business environment and encourage the development of green and low-carbon industries. Emphasize innovative research and development, activate the driving force of green and low-carbon innovation. It is recommended that Chongqing actively introduce international companies and R&D institutions to establish branches and R&D centres.