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Annual Christmas Celebration Brings KLIS Community Together


在这个寒冷的12月,KLIS的校园里却洋溢着圣诞节的温暖气息——五彩斑斓的温馨挂灯、精心布置的教室、孩子们时不时的欢声笑语……12月17日,KLIS师生、学生家长齐聚校园,一同迎接圣诞节的到来。 Cold as December can be in Chongqing, the KLIS campus was brimming with the warmth of Christmas. Multicolored lights reflected on decorated hallways and classrooms filled with the happy laughter and cheerful voices of our students. On Dec. 17th, we held our Annual Christmas Celebration, welcomi [...]

7 worldwide soccer stars visit the KLIS School


2016-10-09 CQINTERCLUB 10:00am, the September 24th, 7 soccer stars walked into the KLIS campus. They soon met with parents and students, who were eagerly awaiting them in the school’s auditorium. KLIS was the only school that these soccer stars would visit, during their stay in Chongqing for the all-stars carnival (Ronaldinho, Figo, Batista, Rivaldowere also in the carnival ). Additional, as the [...]

Science Fair Week at YCIS


Boom! Our campus courtyard shook with the sound of a firework demonstration by our senior secondary Chemistry class. In the past week, engaging experiments ranging from methane balloon combustion to metal reactions with water have led student interest in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, culminating to the Science Fair exhibition on Friday afternoon in our Great Hall. As an annual [...]

Sports Day at YCIS


Sports Day is an annual event at YCIS, this year’s exciting edition saw Primary and Secondary Sports Day being held together on March 25, and the beautiful weather contributed to the success of the event! All students had a fantastic day and enjoyed the atmosphere of friendly competitions. Many of the history records were broken and a lot of students beat their personal bests in different track [...]

University Fair at YCIS a Success


For most of our students, a university education is the next natural step in their lives as international scholars. Thus, finding the right college that fits, in terms of location, culture, academics, etc., is an extremely important part of the latter end of secondary school. To help our students in their search for a school that truly fits them, YCIS Chongqing hosted two university fairs presen [...]

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