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The temperature in Chongqing to rise gradually

After experiencing the recent cold-hot-cold weather, people lamented that spring in Chongqing is really a “crazy girl” and lets us experience four seasons. Recently, Chongqing was still dominated by cold weather, and many citizens have put on down jackets. As of 16:00 on March 30, the highest temperature in most areas was generally between 10 and 14 °C. Jiangjin was the warmest with a maximum te [...]

Two hundred mu flowers in Shengshan Botanical Garden, Kaizhou

Spring is now blooming and everything is reviving. The Shengshan Botanical Garden in Kaizhou District has been full of flowers and is full of vitality. Here are red begonias, pink azaleas, snow white plum flowers and blooming roses, with different colors, red or yellow. According to the person in charge of Kaizhou Shengshan Botanical Garden, in order to welcome the annual Rose Festival of the Bo [...]

Ciqikou Scenic Area reopens

The sun was shining in the beautiful spring. At 8 a.m. on March 26, Ciqikou Ancient Town welcomed the first batch of tourists. “I stayed at home for almost two months. While the weather is fine, and the scenic area has been opened, I come here and turn around,” Ms. Wu said happily. Ciqikou Scenic Area has been reopened to the public. The Ciqikou Police Station of Shapingba Branch of Chongqing Pub [...]

Go back to old Chongqing in Liangjiang Movie City

Where can you see the most traditional folk customs and feel the strongest Spring Festival atmosphere in Chongqing? On January 17, the Liangjiang Movie City New Year Folk Cultural Tourism Season started. News from the Liangjiang New Area said that the Spring Festival theme of Liangjiang Movie City is “folk custom, lively scene and street market”. Over 10 kinds of folklore performances are perfo [...]

Yongchuan Qingfeng Town: more vegetables are in season

Recently, the vegetables from the vegetable base of Chongqing Taozhu Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., located at Ninggetang Village, Qingfeng Town, Yongchuan District, Chongqing Municipality, can be on the market gradually. The workers in the 240 acres of land were busy in picking vegetables, handling, cleaning, packaging and doing other processes and will sell them in bulk to other [...]

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