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Chongqing Hiking Trails


From ancient winding steps to stunning city panoramas, Chongqing’s distinctive hills and valleys offer hikers everchanging vistas. The Chongqing trail network aims to create a unique urban hiking experience that allows you to explore the city’s most iconic scenery. The network already features 17 urban trails covering 350km, and is still growing. Beibei District, Beitang Gorge River Trail The tr [...]

Welcome to the year of the rat

As the new decade rolls around, we enter the year of the rat. If you are amongst the rat-born, what does this mean? According to the Chinese zodiac your element is water, you are more yin than yang, the eleventh lunar month is your lucky lunar month, your lucky numbers are 2,3,6, and 8, your lucky flower is a lily, your lucky colours are gold, blue, and green, and your lucky season is winter. [...]

Chongqing’s Green Mountains and Clear Waters Ancient Trees: Ecological Wonders, the Treasure of Ba-Yu

Ancient trees bear the memories of our culture, and Chongqing’s ancient trees have been witness to thousands of years of civilisation. Chongqing has over 25 thousand ancient trees that have born witness to our region’s development. Keteleeria Davidiana One thousand five hundred year old examples can be seen Yulin in Wuxi County, deep in the Daba mountains at the border between Chongqing and [...]

CQ Gifts

Celebrate Christmas this year with a Chongqing cultural flavour. These locally made artisanal products make ideal gifts for the festive season. Hechuan gorge ink stone 合川峡砚 Hechuan gorge ink stone has been in use for thousands of years, with the earliest dating from the third century B.C. Their design allows writers to create their own ink by rubbing an ink stick into water on the sloping [...]

Disorder CQ’s Performing Arts Centres

Guo Tai Arts Center 国泰艺术中心 The unmissable interwoven blocks of Guo Tai Arts Centre theatre and concert hall and the Chongqing Museum of Art at the heart of the Jiefangbei central business district in Yuzhong first opened to the public at Chinese New Year in 2013. The centre’s mission is to bring access to cultural experiences to the heart of a major commercial district, and its constructi [...]

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