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CQ’s Traditional Music The Intangible Cultural Heritage Map

Chongqing is home to centuries of folk music 1. Chuanjiang Haozi ('labour songs') Chuanjiang Haozi were originally sung by the boatmen who heaved boats by ropes through the steep rapids of the Yangtze river and its tributaries, the Jialing, Wujiang, and Daning. The songs originally developed as a means of the men keeping stride with each other. The songs’ rich lyrics feature places along the r [...]

Jinyun Mountain a natural oasis in the heart of the city

Thrown up by movements in the continents 70 million years ago, these ancient mountains are often surrounded by a red and white mist and clouds, giving rise to its local name: the white and red creates happiness. Jinyun Mountain Nature Reserve was created in 1979 and since 2001 has been a national reserve. It is now a key base for protecting natural ecosystems in the subtropical forest which is [...]

Chongqing’s Green Mountains and Clear Waters Ancient Trees: Ecological Wonders, the Treasure of Ba-Yu

Ancient trees bear the memories of our culture, and Chongqing’s ancient trees have been witness to thousands of years of civilisation. Chongqing has over 25 thousand ancient trees that have born witness to our region’s development. Keteleeria Davidiana One thousand five hundred year old examples can be seen Yulin in Wuxi County, deep in the Daba mountains at the border between Chongqing and [...]

CQ Gifts

Celebrate Christmas this year with a Chongqing cultural flavour. These locally made artisanal products make ideal gifts for the festive season. Hechuan gorge ink stone 合川峡砚 Hechuan gorge ink stone has been in use for thousands of years, with the earliest dating from the third century B.C. Their design allows writers to create their own ink by rubbing an ink stick into water on the sloping [...]

Sightseeing in Spring-Spring Flower Tour

"Butterflies circling, fragrances, bees, and pollen". This is the best description of the flying flowers in March. Flowers like brocade, the scene re-grows, we can enjoy the sea of flowers surrounding, let’s all get intoxicated! Beibei District Cherry blossoms open and people are around the flowers. Cherry blossoms and the Orange Township scenic area of Beibei District are located in the [...]

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