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Sites in Nan’an for you to enjoy Chongqing

The tall mountains, curving waterways, connecting bridges, light rail and others form the featured livable and travelable Chongqing. “A standing city” requires your appreciation from a stereoscopic aspect. You can overlook the city from the Yikeshu Viewing Deck, witness the amazing intersection of two rivers at Danzishi, and appreciate the city at Landmark Riverside Park, Dongyuan 1891 and [...]

Experience low altitude tour by helicopter in Liangjiang New Area

We have learned from the news released by Liangjiang New Area that Jihua Park, in the Longxing industrial development zone of Liangjiang New Area, has launched a helicopter low altitude tour project. At present, more than 40 tourists have experienced the program. The helicopter air tour project was developed in cooperation with the Chongqing Jihua Park and Chongqing General Aviation Industry Gro [...]

Food and amusement along Line 2

You may feel troubled for parking when going out, and suffer from traffic jams when taking a bus on weekend. Now, I will show you a problem-free route. Jiaochangkou You may take 3 minutes from Jiaochangkou to the walking street to CBEST, Maison Mode, Baxianlou, Bayi Road, and then to take a photo at Jiefangbei. Zengjiayan It is a good choice for children to get off at Zengjiayan and then go to C [...]

A charming city of bridges, an amazing “mountain city”

Speaking of Chongqing, many people may think of the obvious signs of Chongqing: beauties, hotpot and mountains. However, in many natives' heart, Chongqing owns another trademark: "a city of bridges". In 2005, Chongqing was officially recognized as the "city of bridges" in China owning to the characteristics of great numbers, large scale, high-level technology, diversification and great influe [...]

Colorful rural landscape attracts tourists

Numerous tourists have been attracted by Ziyun grass in Gulu Town, Yubei District. The grass looks like purple clouds. Since it blooms at the beginning of October, many people have been photographing it. In recent years, Gulu town has made strategic planning for the integrated development of agriculture and tourism. Shengshi huadu, Gulu Maple Wood, Xiantao plum planting base and Zhoujiashan Phot [...]

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