The annual passenger throughput of Wanzhou Airport exceeded 1 million

“I’m glad to be the No. 1,000,000 passenger of Wanzhou Airport this year!" At 9:46 a.m. on November 18, Ms. Feng, a passenger from Yunyang, Chongqing who planed to take flight FM9462 from Wanzhou to Shanghai, was very excited. She said that she had heard that the passenger throughput of Wanzhou Airport would exceed 1 million this year, but she never thought that she would become the “luck dog”. “I wish Wanzhou Airport can develop better and better and there will be more and more routes."

Since then, Wanzhou Airport has become the first branch airport with a passenger throughput of more than one million people in the "One Big Four Small" civil airport pattern in Chongqing, marking that Wanzhou Airport has successfully ranked among the "one million level" airports in China and entered a new chapter of historical development.

Wanzhou Airport was completed and put into use on May 29, 2003, promoting the opening up to the outside world and economic and social development. At present, Wanzhou Airport has operated 21 domestic flights to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and 2 international charter flights to Thailand and Cambodia, becoming an air bridge for the external communication of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.